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General Questions

Is there a CrossFit Endurance Team in my area?

You can find the Project Endurance Teams by Clicking Here

Why 3+hours between the CFE S&C WOD and Endurance WOD?

We recommend a minimum 3+ hour recovery time for that reason, RECOVER! The intervals are meant to be done at high intensity. If you do the Endurance WOD 10 min after the CFE S&C WOD, we can promise you that your workout will suffer for it. The second workout will not be of the quality and intensity that we would like to see. We do understand that you can only do what your schedule permits, but back to back WODs will likely not be at the prescribed intensity level for both workouts.

It is a great misunderstanding to think one has the ability to perform this workout and a CFE S&C wod back to back.

How do the rest days work? When should I take a full rest day?

Rest days rotate throughout the week for the multi-sport athlete, some weeks a full day of rest may be prescribed, other week, maybe not.

On the days that a Tempo or Time Trial endurance workout is prescribed it is highly recommended that you do not perform any additional work.

Ultimately you’ll need to listen to your body. IF you need a rest day, take one. Pay attention to your energy levels and performances in your workouts. Schedule complete rest days as you need based on your performance level and energy levels throughout the day.

What distance race/event does the site prepare me for?

The site is programmed for the masses. The site does not prepare for a certain distance race or event.

I am in the military and I need to ruck/run in boots/carry logs long distances — Should I do this in addition to the running?

No, the same principles apply. Go short, and go hard. Learn the technique, then do it fast, then you can do it long.

Ruck marching long distances has more to do with muscular endurance than with cardiovascular fitness. Muscular endurance can be trained more efficiently by CFE S&C Wods than by walking for miles. See the Military Prescription for more information. Look for an additional military oriented workout per week.

I am a barefoot runner, how should I change the running workouts?

You shouldn’t. Your only consideration would be to ensure that some of your training volume be conducted on a training surface that reflects the surface where you wish to compete. For example, don’t run solely on grass if you expect to run a marathon on hot concrete. At the same time, you don’t have to conduct all of your training on concrete, just enough to prepare your feet.

How do I start?

See the Getting Started page to begin using CrossFit Endurance as your training.

What does WOD mean?

Workout Of the Day

What does LII and LI mean?

Since our program is geared towards the masses, we offer (scale) two additional levels. This should put your mind at ease when deciding what weights to use or how many reps to tackle given your current fitness level. With each WOD you can choose the RXD level, LII (Level Two) or LI (Level One). Choose according to your ability and remain humble. Click here if you have additional questions.

What should I be doing for warm up?

Strength and Conditioning

Start by following the listed dynamic warm up routine for each strength and conditioning workout. If you have questions regarding the exercises click here for video demos.

Add individualized mobility, DROM: Dynamic Range of Motion Exercise, specific skill work, warm up/ramp up of weight and intensities as desired.

Remember, the shorter the workout, the longer the warm up.


Run: 1/2 mile easy jog

3 sets of 3 different CrossFit Endurance Running drills of choice with brief (100-200m) jog increasing to sprint between each. Follow with 3 sprints <100m. 80%, 90%, and 100%.

Recover completely and begin workout.

Check out this Run Warm Up video


500 easy swim

3 sets of 3 different CrossFit Endurance Swimming drills of choice with brief (25-50m) easy increasing to sprint between each. Follow with 3 sprints <50m 80%, 90% and 100%

Recover completely and begin workout


1/2 mile easy spin

3 sets of 3 different CrossFit Endurance Cycling drills of choice with brief (100-200m) spin increasing to sprint between each. Follow with 3 sprints <100m 80%, 90%, and 100%

Recover completely and begin workout


500 easy row 3 sets of 3 different rowing drills of choice. Follow with 3 sprints < 100m 80%, 90%, and 100%.

Recover completely and begin workout.

Check out this Rowing Warm Up video

You are ultimately going to need to find out what works for you, but it sure helps to model some of the world’s best athletes.

How should I start incorporating CrossFit into my workout plan?

Progression is key. Don’t think you need to jump right into doing everything that is posted on the site. Work your way into the workouts slowly and give you body time to adapt.

How should I plan my week?

Check out our Getting Started Page for help

What type of shoes should I wear?

Racing flats or as little a shoe as possible is what we recommend but understand that you’ll need to progress slowly into a minimal shoe from the traditional running shoe.

Studies demonstrate that barefoot runners are more efficient, and have a lower rate of injury in their lower limbs. A good introduction can be found at

Weight Vests which do I use?

Visit Rogue Fitness for different options available for weight vests. Gradually increase the amount of weight you train with. There will be an adjustment time when first adding weight to your workouts.

I would like more information on SMR (Self Myofascial Release)

Use the following link to Network Fitness which has demo videos and many resources on how to perform SMR.

Also, refer to the Mobility WOD posted by Kelly Starrett.