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    Hello. Just a few quick questions I figured I’d throw towards the forum.
    I’m just over a month away from the 70.3 (11 July) that I’ve been getting ready for. For quite a few months I was going with 4 x S+C per week plus 3 or 4 x CFE per week. In the last few weeks I’ve shifted to 3 x S+C per week and 5 x CFE. I feel like I’m maximizing the time I have available, but with the race a month away I’m starting to feel the apprehension about whether or not I’ll be prepared.
    My big question right now is how to divide up S+C versus CFE on a weekly basis for this last month (or am I a little too late…)? Is there any advice on training adjustments in this time window from a race? I want to make sure I’m doing the workouts that will help me be the most prepared for this event. Running a local 1/2 marathon tomorrow and I plan to use that as a Tempo workout. Thank you very much for any advice!


    Mike B

    Sounds like what you are doing is pretty solid. Don’t worry, its pretty typical to get nervous about a big event like 70.3, no matter what training plan you have been following. If you’ve been doing the work you described for a few months – you are ready! To abandon your training now in favor of "extra" sport specific work won’t help you get faster. Now, if there is some technique work that you feel you need to focus on, then pay extra attention to that, but no need to program extra workouts and thus speed up overtraining potential so close to a race. Trust the system, it works.


    I felt the same way before my first 70.3 on CF/CFE only, but trust in your training it works! Have your nutrition plan prepared for the race. Since we dont do a lot of long workouts it is hard to practice this in training. Have fun and have a great race!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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