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Gaaa! (can't buy shoes locally)

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    The bad news is, in the Denver area you can’t buy shoes if you want a particular shoe. I’ve spent the afternoon reading this forum, cruising the web and calling local stores. I found one store that has in stock one model that’s almost like the model I was asking for. I almost gave up in favor of just buying a pair of PF Flyers; after all, they’re flat, and they do let you Run Faster and Jump Higher.

    The good news is, since I won’t be buying what’s in town, I get to buy whatever I want on the web.

    The bad news is, I don’t know what I want. Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to. Links go to Amazon, for consistent and familiar display. If you have good experience with some other online outlet I’d appreciate a mention. I’ve never bought shoes without wearing them first. (And if you know where all the cool kids go in the Denver area to buy their racing flats, I’d like to hear that too.)

    If you recommend anything, please state your experience with sizing: buy it according to your normal size, or up or down from your normal size. For example, I’ve seen the Kilkenny recommended here, with a recommendation to up a size and another to buy your normal size.

    adiZero Pro
    Recommended on this forum.

    adiZero XT
    Also recommended on this forum.

    adiZero Mana
    The one shoe in stock in one local store now. When I called and asked for the adizero pro, he said the Mana is almost like it, and maybe it’s the replacement for the pro. He also mentioned the adizero Adios and Rocket, which he lists but does not, at present, have in stock. He did not, in fact, have any cheese either.

    ASICS Piranha SP2
    Eh … it looks flat, and it’s an ASICS.

    Brooks Men’s Mach 9 Spikeless
    One less than Mach 10.

    Brooks Men’s Mach 11 Spikeless
    One more than Mach 10.

    Brooks Mach 10 Spikeless
    Recommended on this forum. Couldn’t immediately find it on Amazon, but Amazon had an ad for this shoe, linking to

    What is spike/spikeless in a running shoe? Does it matter?

    I may be zeroing in on one of the following two shoes, the Wave or Kilkenny, but I’m not sure. Both are recommended on this forum. I like the Wave because it’s the flattest looking (by online photos, sigh) and Dr. R. likes it. (Actually the 2 is discontinued, the 3 is its replacement.) I like the Kilkenny because it’s rec’d here and it’s cheap. I like cheap (but not at the expense of quality).

    Mizuno Wave Universe 3
    Recommended on this forum.

    Saucony KilKenny XC3 Flat Racing Shoe
    Recommended on this forum.



    Try that is where I got my Adizero Pro’s which I love. I have 1/2 a size bigger which has worked well. I know people who really like the Adizero XT. Also take a look at the Inov for a trail stuff. I really like these as well. Link is on the bottom of the page.




    Do you know anything about the Brooks T6 racer compared to the Adidas Adizero Pro? I have a pair of the T6’s and find them to be a little tight, but they work pretty well. Have you ever tried a pair? I’m thinking about looking around for a different shoe when I get all the miles out of this pair that I can. I have never worn an Adidas shoe for running / training. Thanks in advance.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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