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    Hi everyone,

    I am completely new to this. I have taken several cross-fit classes at a local place and loved them. I just didn’t have the time to work them into my schedule regulalry. I have also completed several half-ironmen and the Lake Placid Ironman last summer. I am doing the New York Ironman in August 2012 and am contemplating doing CFE. But to start, I have a 70.3 this September and want to use as a trial run on myself to do CFE. Question though, how do I get started? I like the idea of a few days of crissfit strength, a few days of crossfit endurance and a day of long slow endurance work. But how do I know how to mix them? The main page is a little confusing to a newbie. Sorry if the question seems dumb or it is answered somewhere on here.
    Looking for help, Jonny



    If you are new to CF and CFE I would suggest starting by using the 6 week intro program from the Competitor.
    This will help you to starting adding CF/strength & conditioning to your training. This will also help you to start changing your training over to CFE Endurance Wods. Changing your training program can take some time. You may notice dips in your performance at first, however, your performance levels will return and improve. Chances are CFE training is quite different from training you have followed in the past. CFE training targets all energy pathways in different combinations. Using some of the different pathways may be a new experience. These will get stronger as you are doing wods that target them. You will be developing the needed gears for racing.
    Maybe helpful to plan some races in your training as a way to check in on where you are at when it comes to racing. You will be able to test things such as nutrition, race warm up, your race plan etc and know if anything will need some changes.
    Racing is a skill which also needs to be something you are working on.
    Doing a 1/2 Ironman and Ironman is a place where it maybe helpful to work with a coach. If you would like references on coaches who maybe able to work with you send me a pm with your email and I can get that info to you.
    I would recommend attending an Endurance Seminar.
    This will be a huge benefit for you. This will give you a solid background on CFE, CFE training, and factors that impact performance.
    There is alot of information contained on the CFE site, and on the CrossFit Journal.
    I would recommend to start following the Mobility wod posted by Kelly Starrett
    This will help you identify areas that may need work and will help to improve your mechanics and technique by improving mobility which willallow you to move correctly.
    Great to have you guys join the CFE community.



    Thank you Kaitlin,

    Very helpful. I have been reading CF and CFE websites for a while and actually starting this morning doing the workouts that began in June. So a track workout this morning and will do strength/WOD tonight. Sorry if this proves how new I am, but couldn’t see where to PM you. Please email me though, email is Thanks so much

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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