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I need a CFE coach.

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    I am looking for a CFE coach. I have specific needs, and I am stronger in some areas of over all fitness than others. I plan to run the glacial trail 50 in October. That leaves me with around 15.5 weeks of ballz out training. I would like to discuss training regiments with someone who knows their CFE Kung Fu and not some one thats on here " picking up things here and there". Not to be a dick, I just need answers. My alternative is to muddle thru it myself and modify a Hal Higdon type program….or extend out the origianl Rookie 50k program

    So far this year:

    January- Walt Disney World marathon
    February- John Dick memorial Crusty 50k
    March – Land betweeen the lakes 60k- felt freaking unbreakable at this one.

    then my kids soccer season……

    So not wanting to run a ultra in summer heat and humidity ( did last year in August and it sucked) I am opting for the glacial trail 50; behind the cheddar curtin in Wisconsin.
    I am located in the midwest, South Bend Indiana. Shoot me a PM. I would like to talk about setting up a training program.
    Thanks and run free everyone,



    PM sent.


    PM replied!



    Is there an email address that you check more often I can send to? PM sent.


    browser issues. switched and all is good. PM replied with email address.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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