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27 Aug


James W. Moore, Ph.D.

August 27, 2014 | By |

I attended the Crossfit Endurance certification in Atlanta (2009) and I must say it remains one of the most outstanding certifications I have ever attended. The depth of knowledge brought to the table by the CFE team, as well as the careful planning, and attention to detail was professional, thought-provoking, and resulted in almost immediate changes in my skill set. The physical and anatomical analysis of the running stride, coupled with real-world principles of programming, nutrition, and recovery/rehabilitation make this certification a must for any trainer or coach who is seriously committed to making his or her athletes better. The thorough training and video-feedback on the Pose technique helped me quickly reduce my Helen time significantly, take over a minute off my best one-mile run, take over almost five minutes off my best 5K time, and, more importantly, helped me overcome my distaste for running. At Crossfit Hattiesburg, we employ techniques acquired at the Endurance Certification to the betterment of our clients every single day.